Ordering Tips

Placing an Order

Online Orders

We encourage you to use our secure, online order system to place your order with us.  It’s equipped with the latest, industry standard encryption and provides an added layer of security for your personal and credit card information as it travels from your computer to our server.  It’s the easiest, most secure way to order.

If you've alread created an account on our website, you should log into your account before placing our order.  This will help speed you through the checkout process.  The billing and shipping address you set up in your account will be used during checkout.  So all you'll have to enter during checkout is your payment information. 

If you have not already created an account we urge you to do so.  Not only will it help speed you through checkout, it will also give you access to your order history and any specials we may offer exclusively to account holders.

Mail Orders (U.S. customer only)

The quickest, easiest way to place a mail order is through our secure, online order system.  This will allow us to prepare and hold your order until your payment arrives.  It also ensures that the item(s) you order will not be out-of-stock when your payment arrives.

Placing a mail order through our secure, online order system, is no different than placing any other online order.  Simply select the item(s) you wish to order and proceed to check-out.  Enter your shipping/billing information, select our shipping method, then select the ‘Check/Money Order’ payment option as your method of payment.  Now, confirm your order details, submit the order, print a copy of the order, and you’re all done.  A system generated order confirmation e-mail will be automatically sent to you.

The final step is to mail a copy of your printed order – along with a Cashier’s Check or Money Order, payable to ‘Quinobe LLC’ – to the address shown on your order.  Your order will ship the day after we receive your payment.  Please note that we do not accept personal checks.

Your First Order

If you are new to our Site or ordering an item(s) for the very first time, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you order only one pair of the item(s) you select.   By doing this, you will have an opportunity to determine if the item(s) you purchased has the fit, the feel, and the comfort you want before ordering multiple pairs.

Why should you do this?  Because our Return Policy is unapologetically restrictive and very specific about what you can return.

If your first-time purchase of an item(s) is for only one pair of that item(s), you have the option of returning that item(s) for a refund or exchanging it for a different size.  You don’t have that option when you purchase multiple pairs of an item(s) … whether it’s your first-time purchase or not.

After your first-time purchase of one pair of an item(s), and/or when you purchase multiple pairs of an item(s), you can only return that item(s) if it is shipped to you with a defect.  Because any defective item can always be returned for a replacement or refund.    


Getting our men's underwear at a discounted price is as easy as counting to three.  Because when you have three or more items in you cart a discount is instantly applied to each item.  It's just that simple!

The amount of the discount depends on the total number of items in your cart and whether you choose to checkout as a Guest or after you Sign In / Register and account.  Which is simply our way of saying that the deepest discounts are given to customers that have an account with us.      

But however you choose to checkout, just remember that you must have three or more items in your cart before the discount is applied.     

Note:  Discounts are not available for orders containing less than three items.  The discount percentage is submect to change without prior notice.

Packaging Options

Multi-pack items (2-Pak and 3-Pak) have been discontinued and are no longer available.  All items are now packaged and sold individually.


Men’s underwear sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Our men’s underwear is cut to accommodate the measurements of each size range shown on our size guide. So be sure to refer to this guide to determine which size is best for you.

How well our underwear fits you depends on: (1) your body type; (2) where your measurements fall within your size range; and (3) how it’s worn. Which means that, based on these factors, the fit within each size can vary from more relaxed – at the lowest end, to appreciably snug – at the highest end.

So which size should you choose? Only you can answer that question. Because you’re the only person who knows exactly how you want your underwear to fit.

Note:  Our garments have been resized and are cut slightly larger than the garments you purchased from our old website.  So, be sure to refer to the "Size Guide" before purchasing your next garment.


The available color options for our garments are subject to change without prior notice.  Some colors may be replaced by newer colors while others may not be restocked when existing inventories are depleted.  

If there’s a color we offer that you particularly like, you should purchase as many items in that color as possible.  Because when it’s out-of-stock there’s a better than average chance it may not be restocked. 

Every effort has been made to display our garment colors as accurately as technically possible.   But because every monitor displays colors differently, the color of the garment you receive may vary slight from the color you see on your monitor.