About Us

The JG2 label was launched in 1994 to address a market segment that most designers and manufacturers of men's underwear routinely ignored, treated as a fashion fetish, or relegated to novelty status. That market segment is: men's nylon underwear.

Since their introduction, garments bearing the JG2 label have gained a reputation for being a quality alternative to traditional cotton underwear. And have become the preferred choice of men who appreciate the texture, the comfort, and the feel of nylon briefs, boxers, and bikinis.

Today, JG2 is a branded-product of Quinobe LLC. And through the focused efforts of our Apparel Group's design/production team, the JG2 label continues to live up to its' reputation ... a reputation that was earned one garment at a time.

But we are not stopping there. Because the mission of our Apparel Group is to further develop and promote the JG2 product line. Which means the introduction of more styles in more categories. All designed for fit, comfort, and wear-ability. All carefully crafted from quality nylon tricot and/or sheer nylon.

Our Apparel Group is firmly committed to achieving this mission. And to continuing what began with the sale of the first garment to bare the JG2 label: providing men a quality nylon alternative to traditional cotton underwear. A quality alternative that is second to none.

We do not offer a print catalog. And JG2-brand garments are not available in stores. But they are available -- for world-wide shipping -- though this web site.