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  • "This is the finest men's nylon underwear I have ever worn. The quality is great, the color selection fantastic, and there is nothing like the feel of the nylon. I've worn nylon underwear for years and I have never found any better than these."- Brian M.
  • "The nylon briefs from JG2 are the most comfortable briefs I have ever slipped on. The 3/4" covered waist band fits snug but not binding. The nylon fabic is very light weight, smooth, and feels exotic. I now have several pairs and look forward to getting more. Once you try them you will be hooked too."- Paul M.
  • "These briefs are like nothing I've ever worn before. They are awesome! The comfort is amazing ... like wearing nothing at all. Every guy should get these briefs. I will be ordering more for sure."- Gary J.
  • "Over the years I have worn many nylon bikini briefs from a variety of manufacturers but yours are absolutely the best fitting I have ever found. More orders are on the way."- Albert C.
  • "The Balboa Bikini is my go-to brief for everyday wear. The fit is true to size, and the comfort from the soft material is just amazing. The quality of the workmanship is outstanding. I like how they are made in the USA. Excellent fit, high quality and extremely comfortable" - Dan P.
  • "Thank you. I have always wanted to wear nylon underwear but couldn't find them. I was a bit worried about how my wife would react, but she likes them on me. I am very happy with JG2's nylon underwear, especially the way they feel."- Michael D.
  • "I have searched all over the web to try and find nylon underwear of this comfort and quality. After receiving my first purchase, I ordered some more right away. They have the right amount of support but feel like you are wearing nothing at all. I wish I had found out about JG2 underwear a long time ago."- Philip L.
  • "Of all the nylon briefs I've tried over the years, these are the best both in quality and fit. You can't go wrong with these briefs."- Wayne B.
  • "I have purchased nylon tricot underwear from many suppliers over the years. However, none have had the high quality construction or the comfort that JG2's nylon underwear has. Their service has been excellent over the several years I have made purchases from their website."- Scot E.
  • "These are the highest quality men's nylon underwear I've every bought or found. I am a firm believer in comfy underwear and these are the best out there. A bit pricey, but competitive in price to name brands like JOCKEY, and certainly well worth it."- Steve G.

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  1. Basic Bikini
    Basic Bikini
    As low as $14.55
  2. Classic Brief
    Classic Brief
    As low as $22.50
  3. Full-Cut Brief
    Full-Cut Brief
    As low as $16.70
  4. Hipster Brief
    Hipster Brief
    As low as $15.80